”CSR is a central part of our brand.”

- Chris Coster, interview with the magazine TØJ, 2021


As the fashion industry is known as one of the biggest sinners in the climate crisis CSR and sustainability have naturally gained a lot more focus in the fashion industry in the last couple of years – and rightly so! At Coster Copenhagen, CSR is a central part of our DNA, and we incorporate it in everything we do.

Coster Copenhagen has never claimed to be sustainable, nor will we ever try to make such a claim. A fashion brand can never be 100% sustainable. However, we have taken steps towards better and more sustainable choices. As a fashion company, we are aware of our shortcomings. We commit to being open and transparent with our decisions and honest about our future goals.

Coster Copenhagen wants to be a part of the solution!

CSR and sustainability have been a part of Coster Copenhagen’s DNA right from the start. With the impending pressure of the climate crisis, we must act. That is why we have started from scratch and mapped out all our groundwork.

To guide us in the right direction, we have chosen to work with four of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Underneath, you can read more about the goals we work with and how we work with them.