Costers Mission

The strength and signature behind every collection from Coster Copenhagen is our playful and unconventional approach to design by translating and capturing the latest trends. We twist and turn every detail and make our expression unique by adding and mixing sporty, feminine, and edgy elements.

When we design a new collection at Coster Copenhagen, we start by brainstorming the latest trends and our latest ideas and try to translate them with a splash of the Coster Copenhagen DNA. After this, we make mood boards and think about what colours, prints and details to incorporate into the collection.

Since the start of Coster Copenhagen, we have emphasised the importance of proper fitting in our design process, as we find it important that our styles not only fit our customers, but that they also feel free and comfortable in them.

That is why a big part of the design process at Coster Copenhagen consists of measuring and fitting every single style, so that they do not limit you in any way on your everyday adventures.

Coster Copenhagen is a family-owned brand founded in 2012 by Pia Coster. With more than 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, her vision was to create a clothing brand for all women. By focusing on comfort, using soft and flexible materials, we guarantee you a perfect fit that makes you feel free and comfortable.

Not long after Pia started Coster Copenhagen, her husband, Chris, joined as CEO of the company. Pia is the creative force of the brand, and her mission is to design and create collections with clean, Nordic lines, a versatile colour palette and unique prints without compromising the exclusive feel of clothes from Coster Copenhagen. While Pia is the creative force in the company, her husband, Chris Coster, is the backbone of the success and daily execution of the company.

The headquarters of Coster Copenhagen is in Humlebæk, a little north of Copenhagen. Pia and Chris live and find their inspiration here. Thus, all of us at Coster Copenhagen work at a pretty, yellow farmhouse, converted into offices, where we all benefit from working in idyllic surroundings – close to beautiful nature and the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.