The Story of

Coster Copenhagen

Coster Copenhagen is a family-owned brand founded in 2012 by Pia Coster. With more than 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, her vision was to create a clothing brand for all women. By focusing on comfort, using soft and flexible materials, we guarantee you a perfect fit that makes you feel free and comfortable.

Not long after Pia started Coster Copenhagen, her husband, Chris, joined as CEO of the company. Pia is the creative force of the brand, and her mission is to design and create collections with clean, Nordic lines, a versatile colour palette and unique prints without compromising the exclusive feel of clothes from Coster Copenhagen. While Pia is the creative force in the company, her husband, Chris Coster, is the backbone of the success and daily execution of the company.

Coster Copenhagen started in
the beautiful yellow farmhouse in Humlebæk, a little north of Copenhagen, where Pia and Chris have their home. As the company has grown, we have now found a new home for Coster Copenhagen in Hørsholm, where all our employees have their workflow. While we put old memories behind us, we look forward to creating newchapters in our new cozy and larger premises in Hørsholm.