Goal 17

Partnerships for the goals

Cooperation and partnerships are some of the keywords when enhancing sustainable development. Read more about our supplier and partnership initiatives here.

Supplier initiatives

Pia Coster, founder and Creative Director at Coster Copenhagen, is constantly working with our suppliers in India to ensure proper working conditions for women. Before Pia’s initiative, they used to work outside the factory in the burning sun, but Pia was able to get them moved inside. It is just a minor step, but it has evolved into an essential part of our supplier agreement. It also includes standards for general working conditions, better toilet conditions, sanitary facilities for food and water, and safety.

Quality Control in India QC visits the production sites and checks up on the actual productions and working conditions. It is to ensure the required distance between the sewing machines and proper lighting for the workers. In addition, the company must provide sanitary food and water conditions, and safety rules must be observed concerning the written standard. QC checks up on the production sites 3 to 5 times per construction, and one production covers one style or print series. QC thus also inspects the fabrics and control the start of the first sewing line. They check up on the construction randomly at the end, and in case of any errors, they go through the entire production.

Hand-knitted styles

Sadly, it is the case in many production countries that women must travel far and leave their families and children to work at the production sites. Therefore, we have initiated a project that goes beyond the large production factories. Instead, we have our knitwear produced directly in the rural villages of Northern China, where the women live.

The result of this project is not only beautiful and unique hand-knitted styles, but it also gives the women a real opportunity to stay with their families and children while working and making money. Each garment is signed on the care label by the woman who knitted the garment.


Currently, some of our suppliers are certified with:
- GRS, Global Recycled Standard for Recycled Polyester
- COC, Certificate of Conformity on Eco Circle Recycled Polyester Fibre
- GOTS, Global Organic Textile Standard
- GRS, Global Recycled Standard for Recycled Cotton
- OEKO-TEX Certified Cotton
- OCS 100 Standard, Organic 100 Content Standard

We are working on having ourselves and all our suppliers BSCI-certified by 2023.