Goal 13

Climate Action

As part of the fashion industry, Coster Copenhagen feels an extra responsibility concerning climate action. Read more about what we do to take action and what you can do as a customer.

Pre-Loved shop

It is becoming more and more popular to think about the environment. As a part of our sustainability plan is to create a more circular supply chain, we have chosen to cooperate with the company, Create 2 Stay.

With Create 2 Stay, we have created a second-hand shop called Pre-Loved. At Pre-Loved, you can sell back your used items from Coster Copenhagen and buy used styles from other customers. This way, we can expand the life cycle of our items.

This feature is only available in Denmark. However, we encourage you to donate your clothes to charity or sell it on a platform for selling used clothes. 


We have implemented many sustainable initiatives at Coster Copenhagen, and we are constantly working on implementing more as CSR is a central part of our brand.

We only use recycled polybags when sending items to our customers, and we are currently researching how we can make all our plastic use biodegradable. In time, we wish to eliminate using plastic when producing our styles and shipping items to customers.

Besides this, we have implemented a new initiative at our warehouse where we reuse our cardboard boxes until they break. The reused cardboard boxes get a sticker that indicates that it is being reused.

At our headquarters in Humlebæk, Denmark, and at our warehouse, we sort our waste to ensure correct disposal. Other than that, we always print on FSC-certified paper and guide our co-workers to only print if necessary. We also encourage our co-workers to bike, use public transport or drive together to work.


As a fashion brand, it can be complex to trace our environmental impact. It is out of our hands as soon as we sell to our distributors or customers. The sole thing we can do is guide you on how to take care of your items from Coster Copenhagen to make them last.


- Buy high-quality clothes made from long-lasting materials 

Both for your basics and seasonal wardrobe.

- Wash correctly

Avoid laundry detergent with perfume, as perfume can be harmful to you, the environment and the clothes.

Do not wash your clothes too much – sometimes it is sufficient to air out your clothes.

Wash in low temperatures, which saves a lot of energy and causes less strain on the garment. When looking at the care label of your garment, you will be able to see a washing temperature – this is the highest temperature a garment can handle.

At Coster Copenhagen, we do our best to include washing instructions in our product descriptions so that you know how to take care of the item even before purchasing it.

- Drying and ironing

Always air dry, if possible. It is better for the environment, and the garments will smell nice and fresh afterwards.

Only iron when needed, but we recommend using a steamer instead of an iron, which will help save energy.

Steaming relaxes the fibres of the garment and thus improves the feeling of the garment.

- Repair

Always try to repair and fix your garments, either by yourself or by a tailor. It will help expand the lifecycle of your garment.

- Recycle

Donate your clothes or sell them on a platform for used clothes.