Sofia Zubair X Coster Copenhagen

Who is Sofia Zubair ?

Sofia Zubair is an influencer, who loves to share her everyday life, including: styling tips, recipes and everyday updates. Her main passion is fashion, which is evident on her social media.

Where are you from, and what do you do? 

I’m currently living in Copenhagen with my boyfriend. I’m studying my
masters in Master of Science in Economic Marketing at Copenhagen Business
School. Furthermore, I’m working at an insurance company and running my own business as influencer and content creator.

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How has the process been, from the first meeting to the launch?

The whole process has been fantastic! I’ve been very pleasantly surprised regarding how much influence I’ve had on the design process of the
collection. Coster has given me such a big opportunity, which I value very highly. It shows that a long-lasting collaboration can evolve into something
much bigger, where value is added to both me and Coster. Being able to design you own collection at 23 is exceptional. Clothing and fashion has always been a great passion of mine and being able to design my own styles is an absolute dream come true.

What has inspired you and your designs?

I’ve mainly sought inspiration from my own wardrobe. I’ve merged details from my favorite styles and created new styles with all my favorite details. My styles is 100% a look into what you can find in my wardrobe.

Which style is your favorite styles from the collection?

My favorite style is the jacket, because the material and the colour is super trendy and cool. It’s a jacket that can be styled for everyday use and for a night out. It can be styled with many different colours and items , and I believe that it’s a jacket which can stay in your wardrobe for many seasons to come, even though it’s classic in it’s shape, it still lets you stand out of the crowd.

What advice would you give others, who dream about working in fashion
and with Social Media.

Dare to be different and stand out of the crowd. Make sure that you have a lot of cool content, so you can share it with your followers. In addition, it’s also important to establish a network within the business, so you can inspire and support each other, as well as share knowledge. Getting tips and tricks from others has helped me evolve, and it has inspired me to be more creative and challenge myself to develop my profile even more.

What is your dream scenario?

I see myself as a hardworking woman, who is on the run with projects that I’m passionate about. My dream is to work with something that I’m passionate about and that I love doing, specifically what field I’ll be working in, isn’t something I’m 100% certain about, but let’s see what the future holds.

Do you see yourself designing more clothes later on in your career?

I could easily see myself designing more fashion collections in the future. I hope that it happens, as I really enjoyed the process and the ideation phase really interests me, being able to see something develop from sketch to final product is inspiring. Getting the opportunity to be creative and create something that makes other people happy, is a personal success for me.