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Join us in the design room and read about Pia Coster's thoughts on the design process.

Pia Coster Design

”Coster Copenhagen is a lifestyle brand. Today people are much more loyal to the brands they buy. At Coster Copenhagen, we make collections for women who like colours and who like to be sporty and feminine at the same time. She likes to be extra, but not too extra.”


Coster Copenhagen?

The strength and signature behind every collection from Coster Copenhagen is our playful and unconventional approach to design by translating and capturing the latest trends. We twist and turn every detail and make our expression unique by adding and mixing sporty, feminine, and edgy elements.

“As a designer, you live in a world of inspiration 24/7, so we find inspiration everywhere – the internet, social media, our travels around Europe and Asia or when picking up breakfast in the morning.”

The Design Process

When we design a new collection at Coster Copenhagen, we start by brainstorming the latest trends and our latest ideas and try to translate them with a splash of the Coster Copenhagen DNA. After this, we make mood boards and think about what colours, prints and details to incorporate into the collection.

Pia Coster Design Collaboration Design Process

“We spend a lot of time choosing colours, as colours are important to Coster Copenhagen. When I studied design 25 years ago, everybody wore black. I stood there with pink overalls and orange wellies, and I think the thing with colours has stuck with me ever since.”

Pia Coster Design Office


At the start of Coster Copenhagen, colours were not a big of our DNA - but they are now!

We spend a lot of time picking out the right colours for all of our styles. It is important to us that they follow trends, but that they also complement the people wearing them, season after season. At Coster Copenhagen, we use a wide selection of colours that are usually both bold and bright.

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"Just as colours are very important to Coster Copenhagen, we also place great importance on our prints. We spend a lot of time designing our own prints and qualities at our offices in Humlebæk, Denmark."


At Coster Copenhagen, we spend a lot of time designing and developing our own prints and qualities, as it is important to us that we're a part of the entire process, but also that we keep our DNA intact with all of our styles.

Our prints always carry a Coster Copenhagen signature - whether it be our logo or something else, our prints are always recognisable, as they are big and airy. However, we also design more subtle prints to the woman who are not that much into printed styles.

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Prints Coster Copenhagen

"We've always been great at fitting our styles, as we are specialised in creating styles to our specific target group, where there need to be room in our styles for a little extra, allowing the women to feel comfortable and stylish at the same time."

Pia Coster Design Fits


Since the start of Coster Copenhagen, we have emphasised the importance of proper fitting in our design process, as we find it important that our styles not only fit our customers, but that they also feel free and comfortable in them.

That is why a big part of the design process at Coster Copenhagen consists of measuring and fitting every single style, so that they do not limit you in any way on your everyday adventures.

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Our mission is to design clothes that can be styled from day to night. We encourage you to interpret your own playful style, as we do in our collections.