CC Heart - a new brand at Coster Copenhagen

"The brand CC Heart is the core of Coster Copenhagen. The styles in the collection will complete the basic needs in any wardrobe and they will easily complement your more colourful items when creating your outfit. 

We're creating simple, well-designed, well-fitted styles with luxurious detailing, which we hope will contribute to an easy day-to-night or night-to-day styling. The CC Heart collection has a strong passion for slow fashion and to step out of the "throw-away culture", we celebrate the luxury of simplicity and well made garments. It's really not about having it all, right? It's about finding those versatile essentials that stick with you in the long run - the one's that stick to your heart." 

Pia Coster // Founder & Creative Director

''Every woman needs the essential basic styles in her wardrobe'' 

Our CC Heart brand consists of the same core styles season after season, but will continuously be updated with new colour variants. This way you will be able to get your favourite style in new beautiful shades every season.