At the northernmost point of Denmark, at the top of Jutland, you will find the small town of Skagen. The town and the area around it are known for the special light and picturesque views, which has been a big inspiration to famous Danish painters. Skagen was founded as a fishing village and has transformed into a famous holiday destination, loved by artists, painters and notorious city dwellers.

The 2022 Summer collection from Coster Copenhagen perfectly embodies the essence of the magical Scandinavian summer. The collection features dresses with artistic details, feminine, yet edgy, lace tops along with garment dyed denim and cool and cosy knits.


The colours of the collection reflect the extraordinary light in Skagen. You will find styles in Sunkissed Yellow, which has been inspired by the warm, yellow colours of the famous painted houses in Skagen. The colour Seashore Blue is a feminine and maritime-inspired blue that fades into a pale Lavender Sky, inspired by the lavender light of the sky over the sea at sunset. The collection also features the colour Intense Green, which has been inspired by the sandy vegetation of the beach and sea.



The prints in our Northern Light collection are inspired by the contrast between the raw, untouched nature of Skagen and the warm summer nights, where you have been at the beach all day and spend your evening dancing in the sand with your friends. In the collection, you will find both feminine and edgy flower prints along with stylish leopard prints.



The 2022 Pre Fall delivery from Coster Copenhagen is heavily inspired by the rough, raw and desert-like beach areas around Skagen and the feeling of sitting by the seashore at night, feeling tired from being out all day, watching the sunset with a glass of something sparkly in hand and your loved ones by your side. The colours found in our Pre Fall delivery are thus inspired by this sandy and raw, but warm, area. The colours of the delivery are warm and faded, which is seen in the colour, Washed Rose, and merged with an intense black and High Pink, for an extra pop of eye-catching colour. The prints featured in our Pre Fall delivery are warm and faded and bear resemblance to bohemian tie-dye prints along with maritime stripes.

Pia Coster
Founder & Creative Director