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History Coster

Coster Copenhagen Takes a New Stance on Corporate Social Responsibility.

Coster Copenhagen focuses on sustainability and social responsibility. Coster Copenhagen helps poor Chinese women to get away from urban factories to return home to their families in the countryside. In the village they knit designer sweaters for fashionable women. To designer Pia Coster it is not only important to follow her passion – operating her own company – but also to give other people in the world decent living conditions.

Pia Coster has a long career as a creative director behind her. She got the idea of helping the Chinese women in the village of Rugao in the Jiangsu Province on one of her many business trips to the East. The women here live an extremely hard life. Due to poverty they are often forced to leave their families to work at a factory for many months in a row. During that time the grandmothers look after the children. As an independent entrepreneur Pia Coster knows all about missing one’s children. ”I am very eager to give the women the gift that I know is so important – the chance to see their children grow up,” she says.

It is important to Pia Coster that the women have a fair income and create a living from the knitting. At the same time it pleases her to see that the women deliver high quality products. “I am very aware that what they are doing not only creates value for themselves, but also for me. To me this is the most sustainable way to help – not just giving humanitarian aid, but actually helping the women to get a fair living,” says Pia Coster.