Urban Clash - Welcoming a new normal

Now is the right time to ask: “What is the new normal?”.
Leaving the highway of ’what we used to do’ to examine the bumpy country roads with an open and curious mind. This is the opportunity to start over and move towards a more humble, mindful, brave, and better mindset, as the contrast between the known and the unknown creates a dynamic energy that is both powerful and new to us.

The Fall 2021 collection captures the everlasting dynamic, dualistic need to connect to both vibrant urban city life and calming nature. By slowing down, focusing on the present, and creating a meaningful life, both lifestyles can co-exist. The collection is based on a variety of contrasts between old vs. new, handcrafted vs. industrialised, and feminine vs. raw energy, creating a vibrant and yet harmonious balanced connection.

As the ‘new normal’ redefines the mindset of the modern woman, this collection captures three different moods to illustrate the variety of possibilities and personalities. The prints of the collection all represent these different moods: from the feminine Eco flower print, to the bold graphic and collage inspired prints as well as the edgy leopard - all suitable for the urban living.

Inspired by natural dyes, this season’s colours are defined by a neutral and earthy colour hue:  from feminine rose and tanned colours, green forest hues, to bold urban beige and grey tones.

Pia Coster 
Founder & Creative Director

Bias Skirt In Urban Collage print
Reversible Puffer vest

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"Due to COVID-19, we have trouble getting all styles home in time. Therefore there may be delays on styles, but those who are shown here are on their way.
So keep an eye out."



Nature is represented in the July drop with its focus on soft and feminine shapes and colours. The red shades, Apple Butter and Tuscany Rose, are based on colours from plant extracts from natural dyes. Real flowers and salts were also used as print techniques in the making of the Eco Print. The Urban Camouflage Print is a soft and colourful feminine take on classic camouflage made for urban living.

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...is key in the August delivery

Capturing the hectic urban life while focusing on sporty shapes and elements. The Urban Collage print is the key print of this delivery, staging the urban setting and framing the fragmented urban lifestyle. By merging different materials and new qualities on classic shapes, the contrasts become playful and reinvented. The Zig Zag print is a bold graphic take on the big scale Coster Copenhagen print, merging colours and graphic elements in a new way. The dark Hunter Green and light Moss Green create a contrasted, yet dynamic, colour scheme merged with black and shirt blue.



..is the highlight of the September drop.

Streetwear is inspired by an easy approach to fashion with references from leisure- and sportswear. Merged with tailored silhouettes and utilitarian details, this results in toughening up the casual look, whereas the bold, authentic leopard prints are references to the untamed, wild nature, which adds an unpolished and raw mood to this delivery.