21 Winter / 22 Pre-Spring Collection

With this collection, you will find yourself in the energetic lifestyle of the time of The Great Gatsby. During this decade, young women were taking the fight for freedom into their personal lives: letting go of the past and the suppressing corset, as well as wearing men’s pants and cutting their hair.

Inspired by the dreamy and empowering time of The Roaring Twenties, the collection captures the sporty, playful, and optimistic spirit of the 1920s. The collection is a mixture of sporty leisurewear created for an active everyday merged into a glittery wardrobe for parties and fun.

The colour inspiration is a mixture

of subtle core colours, such as the Ivy Green and Black, which transcends into warmer and brighter colours, from the golden Autumn Tan to the bright Jade Green, and the showstopping and eye-catching Hot Pink that stands out in the crowd.

The prints draw inspiration from the 1920s interior design and tapestry. From leopard burnout print in velvet to our soft brush stripe print and the twisted two-tone logo print: important to this collection is the mix of different textures and tactility, all capturing the playful and curious decade.

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The quote

“Breathing dreams like air” from The Great Gatsby captures the idea of following your dreams and always dreaming big. Reach for the stars and live every moment to its fullest.


Pia Coster
Founder & Creative Director